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New Speill Berg album in the works

Bulb ‘Bulb Bag 2’ (bulb0032)

New ‘staff recommends’ & ‘record of the week’

Filming Oliver Wilde’s new video

East India Youth reads Morrissey (filmed at Rise last year)

The new Drowned in Sound Bristol column is up. Nice bit on my new label/THING bulb! Also features the video i made for Silver Waves. AND also features loads of great local acts doing their thing > Spectres, Giant Swan, Silver Waves, TRUST FUND, EXPENSIVE, and The Jelas!

Got a shout out on the radio the other night. They were talking about bulb. 1hr 52min 30secs in

East India Youth ‘Total Strife Forever’

My Brother Mark found this old photo of us and then my friend Rebecca turned it into her phone wallpaper